Sunday, December 2, 2018

Near the Year's End: My (Late) "Mid-Life Crisis" Goes On

Hello December my old friend... #Dark!
It is finally December 2018. Some years seem to just fly by. Not this year. For me, it feels like last Christmas was ten years ago. So much has happened. In many ways, life has shifted into a new phase. It's a human thing, it's a natural phase as kids become adults who are suddenly much more independent, and parents become aged and infirm and much more dependent.

That's why it's called "middle age," I guess.

But I'm nearly 56 years old. With the body of a 96 year old (of course that's hyperbole, but there are days when it seems rather close to the mark). It's a bit late for middle age, perhaps. And on top of that, we still have an almost-16 year old and a 12 year old at home. We are by no means "done" with the full-on parenting gig. Eileen and I joke that we've finally become "the normal American family." That really is a joke; the other three are still in and out plenty. But John Paul is a Senior in college (i.e. "university") and in six months he graduates. More uncharted waters coming. Help! (Actually, I'm sure he'll be fine. He won't be rich—at least, not right away—but he'll do fine.)
With my parents, I just hope they know how much we all love them, and that we're ready to do whatever it takes and deal with whatever comes. Well, I should say we're as ready as we can be; we have to trust God in front of the uncontrollable possibilities that may lie ahead. But that's true about all of life. We are not the masters of reality. But we are a family, and the Lord has given us a lot of grace to stick together through many unforeseen things. May He enable us to persevere.
We need that grace and that trust every day, both for our parents and for our kids. Gosh, the adventure of adolescence has not even begun for Jojo. 

Growing up, there was just me and my brother. My parents were only given the two of us (though we were a handful). When I turned 12 years old, do you know how old my Dad was? He was 39 years old.


I wouldn't mind being a few years younger and a lot healthier and more energetic. But that's daydreaming.

And I can't live the daydream of become a quiet retired scholar, either. My own body and brain aren't even up to that. But, really, that's never what I wanted to be anyway.

For now the flood keeps coming. "God keep my head above water."