Saturday, December 15, 2018

Rockin' Those Waters on Video

The people at Google want me to turn my videos into... well... videos! So they offer me different options for styling things I store or back up on my Google account. .

Okay, what the heck. Here are a few clips of our local felicitous stream backed by some prefabbed music (one of many possibilities I could have chosen). .

One of these days I'll let them give me a loop like this and just jam over it on my guitar. Then you'll get a real music video. .

Meanwhile, I'll just be lazy and go with the flow. .

This video does not contain the natural sounds of flowing water, but the images of water joined to the ever-more-pervasive sounds of "canned" electronic music. .

Don't judge me, man! .

At least this has an old-school sound to it. This stuff is getting easier and easier to do. If I can do this in five minutes, making real music and sharing it on YouTube might not be as daunting as this aging 1970s rocker thinks. .

Meanwhile, here's Rockin' Waters, a brief "experiment" in easy-peasy multimedia that goes beyond my generation's wildest dreams when we were growing up, way back in the era of corporate-controlled television (untouchable for us) and the only media we could make and share: muffled cassette tapes. .

You youngsters should not take your vast opportunities for granted!😉 .