Thursday, July 2, 2020

Despite All Its Frailties, The World Still Belongs To God

Christians are called to pray for everyone, and — in union with Jesus the Savior — “to intercede for the world, to remember that despite all its frailties, it still belongs to God...
"Everyone belongs to God. The worst sinners, the most wicked people, the most corrupt leaders, are children of God, and Jesus intercedes for everyone. And the world lives and thrives thanks to the blessing of the righteous, to the prayer for mercy: this prayer for mercy that the holy, the just, the intercessor, the priest, the bishop, the Pope, the lay person — any baptized person — unceasingly raises for humanity, everywhere and in every place and time in history..."
Therefore, "when we want to condemn someone and we become angry inside — getting angry can do good, but condemning does no good — let us intercede for him or her; this will help us a lot."

~Pope Francis