Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hong Kong: The "Security Law" Takes Effect

As of this day — July 1, 2020 — Hong Kong is subject to the completed and officially decreed “National Security Law” imposed by the Chinese Communist PartyState.

With demonstrations all over the city today, we will soon see the new “security” apparatus in action — or maybe we won't see it, since foreign press are also being threatened.

The CCP and its local supporters may impose “order” for a period of time, but Hong Kong’s young protestors will not give up. They will “be water,” and perhaps will appear to be diminished, but really they will have time to clarify their thinking on the future of their city. Some may do it from jail. Others may go into exile. But they have more commitment, more energy, and more human depth than their persecutors.

We continue to stand with Hong Kong!