Thursday, February 4, 2021

Welcome to February "Snow and Melt and..."

So it snowed on Sunday night and Monday. I know, snow-laden branches, you've seen it again and again. (Notice that it didn't really end up being all that much in our area.)

I felt lazy... I mean, I felt like being artistic! So I jazzed things up a bit in ze "studio virtuale." Just a little bit:

A not-quite-"instant" Instagram fan fave. Not too difficult, thanks to digital cheating ... err "techniques." (ha, really, it's cheating!😉)

Then I did an artsy take on the "look-at-the-overburdened-Rhododendrons" annual theme.

By Tuesday, the melting had begun. Now with sunshine and receding snow, my favorite Winter greens are back! Oh yeah! So tough.🌿 You just get unvarnished photos for their re-emergence, and then also some hardy ivy keeping its color going strong.

Snow white retreats for now. But it will be back...