Sunday, May 16, 2021

Agnese Graduates From University

*********************************************************************************Agnese Janaro, B.A., Magna Cum Laude!!!🎉

This blog has followed the journey of all our kids during a decade in which most of them went from children to adults. Back in 2011, our eldest daughter Agnese was (only) 12 years old (‼️). We have seen her receive the sacrament of Confirmation, and progress from John XXIII Montessori Center to Chelsea Academy (where she graduated High School in 2017) to the completion of her university studies at Christendom College, with a major in Literature. 

Above we see the new graduate with her proud parents. Her Dad once again donned the professorial garb of the institution where he is Emeritus Professor and where he taught for many years - when she was very small - before health problems necessitated his retirement from the classroom.

I don’t know where the time has gone, but Agnese is “all grown up.” Nevertheless, she has a job in the area, so we will still see her, at least (when she can make it) at what is becoming a “new tradition” of the Sunday afternoon family “hangout.”

Of course, EVERYTHING may change in July, when Agnese’s niece make her grand “natal debut” and revolutionizes the lives of John Paul and Emily (haha, what fun!ðŸĪŠ☺️) and the new giddy grandparents (😉🙂), as well as the aunties and the “great uncle.” Stay tuned for a wild Summer 2021 and after...

For now, congratulations Agnese! What a wonderful young lady you have become. We love you!❤