Saturday, May 22, 2021

Made New in Holiness of Mind

The Lord is compassionate. He reaches down to lift us up.

In this season, I "have been brought" along this mysterious path that is my life, my vocation which is to journey toward Him, to journey with Him, to desire eternity and seek His glory, hidden in the circumstances of each day.

The "things of the past" and "former ways" are being "left behind." Indeed, "new mysteries" lay before me in this new moment of my vocation, my call to live for the glory of Christ and in Him to be "made new in holiness of mind."

I don't understand what this "holiness" means, and I know that I'm a long way from attaining it. Following along with my accommodation and application of the meaning of this prayer, I know that what the world needs - what my world needs, desperately - are transformed minds, minds of simplicity that see things as they really are and follow God's will, trusting in Him and His goodness amidst all the complicated, difficult, flawed, inspiring, beautiful things that lie ahead.

This transformation of our minds is the work of the Holy Spirit, who shows us the glory of the Risen Jesus whose light shines through into all the depths of existence, all the moments of history, all the paths of traveling through this life, every space (no matter how remote, no matter how desolate), every beat of every human heart.

Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus is our brother. God is "Abba" - He is our loving Father and we are His children, brothers and sisters in Christ, called to love one another. Come, Holy Spirit! Make us new in holiness of mind! Give us hearts to seek His face, and to see one another in new ways.