Saturday, January 29, 2022

Does Life Seem Like a “Broken Puzzle”?

Our lives are a “puzzle” and we can’t figure out for ourselves how the pieces are supposed “to fit together.”

We didn't bring ourselves into being, and we don't know what to do with the inexhaustible longing of our hearts. Moreover, we find ourselves “broken” but we can't fix ourselves. We don’t know how to escape our own solitude and sadness.

Instead we tend to harm ourselves and one another, and we fail to seek the One who is the true Source of our being and of all the truth, goodness, and beauty of reality. This might seem like the inescapable lot of the whole human race and of each one of us, in spite of all our desperate efforts to be “optimistic” and successful, and our pretenses to care about one another. We might easily become convinced that life has no reason, that everything ends in absurdity, and that all we can do is distract ourselves from moment-to-moment while time inexorably passes us by.

But Jesus is with us. He has come to dwell with us. He knows us even before we realize it, and He always knows us more deeply than we know ourselves. He looks upon each of us with an ardor and a compassion that is infinitely greater than the way we see our own selves, or one another.

Jesus is present, generating us, sustaining us, redeeming us, calling us, forgiving us, empowering us, attracting us, drawing us to His embrace.

We must never give in to discouragement, never give up, never let cynicism suffocate our hope or silence the plea for a worthy and meaningful existence, for happiness, fulfillment, communion - this plea that is always crying out from the deepest places within us.

He is listening. He hears us crying out. He understands our cries, our sorrows, our need.

This is something to remember in the midst of the many necessary struggles of life, and all our genuine and important efforts for justice and healing, respect and love, work and growth. We must remember again and again that His love for us is a real fact. And we must let His Spirit work within our hearts the liberating response of gratitude and trust.

Everything else that matters has its roots here.