Saturday, March 23, 2024

Christina Grimmie and "the Band"

What is my favorite memory of a Christina Grimmie concert?” —Question-of-the-day for Team Grimmie Frands all over the world as we continue to celebrate the “thirty days” before Easter in this month of March, in honor of Christina’s 30th birthday.

I never attended a live concert or performance of Christina, but I do have my favorites. Thanks to the Internet, I have some connection with the live show experience through the large audiovisual archive of countless recordings made by concertgoers, mostly by using their phones from ten years ago.

I really want to thank everyone who made videos (whole or in part) of Christina’s concerts, especially—and these are my favorites—the concerts of the 2015 European Tour. I have watched this footage over and over... Christina and THE BAND (Marcus, Jonathan, Bobby) — I love these concerts, especially, because I'm "old school" and I love when there is a real guitar, a real bass, and real drums on stage. 

And Christina had the stuff to be a "front woman"—her voice, of course, was great, and the chemistry with the band was great. The interaction with the people in these small, intimate venues all over Europe was beautiful and had some very moving moments.

Let's never lose those precious videos. 

Christina had a terrific stage presence: she was awesome, she was a princess, a rock star — she was passionate, innocent, wise, sweet, and badass all at the same time. I’ve never seen or heard anyone like her in over 50 years of listening to (and playing) every kind of music on many stages at many venues.

Watching the videos is my "concert experience," but I wish I could have seen "Christina and the Band" live. It was a beautiful tour!

Here are some images of Christina in concert: (credit to original owners of any of the foundational photos or videos, which have been modified and presented solely for personal and educational purposes on this blog.)