Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Conversion of the Man Born Blind

I should probably assume that all six of the people who read this BLOG probably also subscribe to Magnificat (if you don't, check it out HERE).

Today is "Laetare Sunday" (already!)... If your parish is following the "A" cycle of liturgical readings during this Lenten season (which is an option often chosen in churches with large groups of catechumens and candidates who are preparing to enter the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil), then you heard the beautiful Gospel of "The Man Born Blind" at Mass (John, chapter 9).

If you read Magnificat, in any case, you will find my monthly "Conversion Stories" column in the pages for today. This Gospel reading—with all of its powerful and universal symbolism about creation, redemption, baptism, and faith—is also the story of the conversion of a particular person.

It is the story of a man who knows nothing of Jesus Christ, who is chosen by Jesus, healed by Him, and led through various stages (and sufferings) to the fullness of an encounter with Jesus where this unnamed man says "yes" to Jesus's revelation of Himself.

It is a story of the grace of conversion as a transforming gift, but also a gift that fully engages the reason and freedom of the human person.