Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Promise of Peace From a Woman's Heart

Our Lady of Fatima
Who is always close to Jesus, to the real Jesus, the God who became one of us, who is forever truly human?

His mother. Jesus is human. He has a mother, and she never stops being His mother. Mary.

As He gives us His whole self, so also He gives us her to be our mother--the mother who brings us into the new life, the definitive life.

Mary. How we ought to cherish that name, that heart, that person, our mother. The salvation of each one of us becomes real, takes flesh, has life from a woman.

Here is Mary, less than a hundred years ago, promising peace, revealing her heart at the edge of Europe under an Arabic name. Fatima.

She promises too, that the wall between East and West will fall, that her tenderness will bring blessings to the world from the peoples of Rus who have suffered so much and whose governments have fought against the world, and now fight against one another.

The Virgin of Tenderness will bring peace and new hope for humanity.

Mary is our mother. Let us entrust all our cares to her with confidence.

Icon of the Virgin of Tenderness