Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Janaros Give Thanks

I must document the Janaro Thanksgiving with at least a few pictures, mostly of food.

Eileen outdid herself once again with a truly fantastic meal. It's hard to pick my favorite among the foods, but the brussel sprouts with bacon were certain among the highlights:

It is especially great to have John Paul with us, "home" for the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though he only lives ten minutes away, college (especially freshman year, which is why we wanted him to have the experience of living on campus) is such a new and different world.

We probably have less contact with him than if he was in college in California or Europe. There is no urgency to call or Skype with someone you know you can always drop by to see anytime you want. We have many friends who live within fifteen minutes of our house but whom we don't see often enough because we take it for granted that we can see them "anytime."

It's just as well for John Paul, however. He has plenty of space to have his own adventures without us looking over his shoulder all the time. But we're right nearby if he needs us.

Still, it's been good to spend time with him, and to have "all the kids together." The Christmas break is coming soon enough.

Meanwhile we have to adjust the food supply for John Paul's prodigious appetite (and, on Thanksgiving, for a few uncles and cousins). There was plenty of good food:

Made for a nice full plate: