Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Funny Faces

I keep writing things and deleting them. I can't find the words I want for these days in early November. There are a lot of memories that I can't say more about right now. I have written about them in previous Novembers. I can't write about them now. I had a hard time writing anything today.

But I have some funny pictures.

I'm always joking about how I want the girls to cut off some of their hair and give it to me so that I can make a wig for my balding head. Well, recently, Jojo and Teresa were willing to try a silly visual experiment.

Josefina is behind me with her back to me (I am of course crouching down to her level). She has flopped her pony tail over my head, and Teresa is holding it in place while also taking the picture. And there we have it!

I look... really strange.

But that's okay. I don't mind looking silly in a picture. I'm not embarrassed and I'm even willing to put it on my blog. I'm quite willing to be a ham.

The kids used to be hams too. That has changed, of course, as they grow older. We can see the change even in the history of this blog. But even Josefina plays "hard-to-get" for the camera now, although as in many other things she is influenced here by her older sisters.

Sometimes her attempts to resist a spontaneous picture will result in a picture that's funny anyway. I suspect she may just be hamming it up in a different way.

That tongue is being stuck out at me! Hey!

But just to show that I'm a good sport, I gave them the phone and told them to take pictures of me with Jojo's new birthday scarf piled on my head. They were piling it on my head anyway in an attempt to tease me, so I said, "Go ahead. Take a picture. I'll even put it on my blog!"

I don't mind looking silly. To be fair, however, this is my blog.

Meanwhile, November afternoons have been clear and warm but with the sun low on the horizon. The whole year of 2015 has reached its "evening."

The trees are thinning faster than my hair. But they are colorful.