Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bright Hills of November

I have a substantial photographic documentary of this beautiful day. These pictures were taken in the early afternoon in the places around our neighborhood.

The last colors of this cool Autumn afternoon are set against a blue sky and the waters of Happy Creek. I'll let most of these pictures speak for themselves. In a few weeks we will be seeing some markedly different vistas, the Winter landscape that will last several months. But first we will allow the colors to have their say one more time.

First of all, here is the Janaro Ranch on November 8:


And here's our walk around the neighborhood:

This Sycamore is grand and bare and gray in the Winter.

Sycamore branches up close, still wearing their colors.

There's still something for the horses in these fields near the Sycamore tree down the road from our house.