Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Asked Her What She Wanted For Mother's Day. She Said....

Mother's Day was lovely for all of us.

Garden flowers, and Jojo's card, I think. Someone else must have done the writing

I asked Eileen what she wanted from the kids for Mother's Day, and she said, "Cooperation!"

I gave her a pot of yellow daisies.

And she got (mostly) cooperation too. Some of the girls picked flowers from outside, and made cards. And Teresa cooked her a nice breakfast (not in bed, but in a comfy chair in the living room). The house was pretty clean. I should have taken pictures of this rare occurrence. To actually see the floor in the living room is like seeing a lunar eclipse, hahahaha... heh... uh.

My parents came (along with "Uncle" Walter) and visited for the afternoon. My own dear mother. She means more to me than I can ever express. And she has been a mother to me in every phase of my life. That is what parenthood is supposed to be like, I think. The modes of involvement change, but the relationship remains as a foundation. It is good to have moments like Mother's Day to pause and appreciate what is being given to us right now.

So my parents and Walter came, and we all started yacking away and interrupting one another, Italian style (I'm not sure Eileen is used to this yet, even after 17 years).

Eileen had a happy Mother's Day. She has a realism that enables her to be happy. She's grateful for things, she has a sense of priorities, she remembers Christ and His great and loving purpose for her life. This doesn't mean that the usual family chaos doesn't drive her crazy. And she expects her husband to do everything he can to stay SANE. Thank God for that.

Thank God for her, in so many ways!

Of course, we had dinner too. The meal was provided with fresh ingredients and loving care... by Papa John's! PIZZA!

For advertising like this, we deserve some free pizza!

I hope it was a Happy Mother's Day for everyone! You are all heroines. God bless you!