Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost: The Spirit Sends Us Forth

     "This is the precious gift
     that the Holy Spirit places in our hearts:
     the very life of God,
     life as true sons,
     a relationship of confidence, freedom
     and trust in the love and mercy of God,
     which has as an effect also a new gaze
     towards others, near and far,
     always seen as brothers and sisters in Jesus
     to be respected and loved.

     "The Holy Spirit teaches us
     to look with the eyes of Christ,
     to live life as Christ lived it,
     to understand life as Christ understood it.
     That's why the living water
     that is the Holy Spirit
     quenches the thirst of our lives,
     because it tells us
     that we are loved by God as children,
     that we can love God as his children
     and by his grace we can live
     as children of God, like Jesus.

     "And we, we listen to the Holy Spirit?
     What does the Holy Spirit tell us?
     God loves you.
     He tells us this.
     God loves you,
     He desires your good.
     Do we really love God and others,
     like Jesus does?
     Let us allow ourselves
     to be guided by the Holy Spirit,
     let us allow Him to speak to our hearts
     and tell us this:
     that God is love,
     that He is waiting for us,
     that God is the Father,
     he loves us as a true Father,
     he truly loves us and only the Holy Spirit alone
     says this to our hearts.
     Let us hear the Holy Spirit,
     let us listen to the Holy Spirit
     and let us go forward on this road of love,
     of mercy and of forgiveness."

     Pope Francis