Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meet Herman, the Sock Puppet

I think the best thing I can do for you today is introduce you to Herman, the Sock Puppet!


"Herman" is a genuine, hand made sock puppet, which means that he is (are you
ready for this) an actual sock that has been augmented by cut pieces of fabric
and some accessories and plenty of glue. Herman doesn't do much by himself,
but becomes quite lively when animated by the hand of his creator-ess.

Look at what children can do. Why should they watch television when they can use their "maginations" and some cloth and make their own characters? I was introduced to Herman yesterday, by someone who is not much bigger than a sock puppet herself:

Its Josefina. Big surprise, huh?

There's Josefina and her sock puppet, and to the right is a living room in a state of utter chaos. Thanks to the tricks of digital photo editing, however, I was able to crop it all out so that you will never know anything about that. Haha... heh....

The two messiest children in the house are named "Somebody" and "I Don't Know."

"Who made this mess?!"



"I Don't Know!"

Wait, this is sounding like a Bill Cosby routine.

But kids really do say things like this. Its just human life and weakness in its elemental form, without guile, without any grown-up varnish. Everybody makes messes in life and nobody likes to clean them up.

Herman wanted to do some funny faces. Okay Herman, how about an angry face?

Herman, you look sick.

Give us your best sad face:

Now that is sad, Herman. I think your nose is going to fall off!

She asked me: "Do you love Herman?" (I think its neat that Jojo always wants me to love her maginary people.)

"Of course I love Herman. I love him very much. I especially love the person who made Herman."

This afternoon she was making another one, with a green sock. Don't be surprised if we have a video puppet show soon! We can't have it right now, unfortunately. Josefina is off watching TV.

UPDATED 5/19/2013: Meet Herman's Friend, Bruno the Sock Puppet!

The green sock puppet is named Bruno. What's with the German names, I wonder? Anyway, we'll be seeing and hearing more (I hope) from these guys. Here's Bruno:

Pretty good, eh? Maybe we can make money with these things, hahaha! (typical grown-up thought)