Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Christina Grimmie's "Simple Words" Can Still Help Us

Here we are at 22 months since Christina Grimmie completed her brief beautiful journey through this present life. It's a wonderful thing that her YouTube channel remains active and all her social media accounts are still accessible.

And 99% of what we can find there are her lovely and unique arrangements of popular songs, or a large variety of fun, endearing, often goofy and always sincere expressions of herself and her amazing capacity to interact with people and draw them into the joyful, hopeful environment she generated.

Along the way, she would just say things to her frands that would "go deeper." Sometimes she was responding to a particular person or issue; other times it was just a kind of organic expression of the whole integrating foundation and form of her life. From time to time, she would just gratuitously articulate something fundamentally important.

And it seemed to come as "naturally" to her as singing or talking about pizza.

It_used to strike me as really good how she would witness her faith like this "to kids," and how her words were all the more meaningful because she was just so normal. Expressions that might sound like tired overused phrases from a preacher (or—😏sheesh—a theology professor) had a freshness and a seriousness for her young frands when they occasionally popped up on her Twitter feed.

In this season of my life, however, I find real encouragement for myself in revisiting these simple words. These words mean a lot, and her assurance about them holds more weight than ever for me: "Trust me on this one."

Okay. I will.

I really needed to hear this, today. Thanks again, Grimmie.💚