Thursday, April 5, 2018

What We Ate on Easter Sunday

With all that has been happening with taking care of my parents at this time, we didn't have the usual multicourse Easter dinner with lamb. Which is not to say we didn't have a lovely meal.

Eileen cooked up a generous amount of delicious cannelloni with beef and spinach and a béchamel sauce:

Here, have a closer look:

These were so wonderfully flavorful, and quite satisfying.

For dessert, Agnese baked a carrot cake with homemade icing. What a superb cake it was!😋

We didn't take a family picture after Mass, but it has been only a little more than three months since the last family picture at Christmas. Nobody has changed that much since then.😉

And this is our second consecutive Easter without a full house. Last year Lucia was in France. This year, John Paul is on his semester in Rome, where he spent a memorable Holy Week and Triduum culminating on Easter Sunday in St Peter's Square.