Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Morning Offering (Slightly "Modified"😉)

Praying, sleeping, or posing... Hey, I needed a picture, ok?
God's ways are mysterious and vast, beyond our understanding. He is an awesome God, even in (especially in) His love.

And He is transforming us by drawing us into a participation in that love.

Who knows the deep connections of love that wind through the Mystical Body of Christ and reach out to all humanity?

When we say to God each day, “I offer you everything…” He gives over the energy of our small love in union with the Cross of Christ so that its power might sustain others.

When we give ourselves to God, He does with us what He wants.

I know that I must grow in the trust that really enables me to let go and give over everything to God.

When I offer my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings to God, it is usually accompanied by an unspoken list of preferences:

“O Lord, take my sufferings
and use them according to your will,
but (if it is your will, of course)
please don’t make them any worse;
in fact, take away these sorrows and pains,
enable me to use my talents,
make me (just a little bit) successful,
and—why not?—give me a few goodies,
like maybe some more money
(if it is your will, of course).”

We could call this "John Janaro's Modified Morning Offering."😜

But seriously, I am not embarrassed to admit that this is what is in my heart when I pray. I am weak. (I don't think I'm the only person who prays like this either.)

But I am beginning to learn what it is to trust in God. God knows I am weak. He knows I am a child. He is my Father. He is not just fooling around with my life.

He knows what I need to be sustained, and the ways in which—here and now, today—I need to give.