Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fall in Photos...So Far

It has been a warm and dry Autumn season until recently, with a disappointing lack of color. Now we're finally getting a bit of rain, and we may still see the "big maple tree show" that usually comes late in the season.

Some pictures that I have posted on Instagram:

The smaller maple leaves began to turn red early last month.
Because of dry conditions, Happy Creek almost disappeared.
Only a few leaves were changing down by the creek in mid October.
Meanwhile the October rose bush bloomed and soaked in the sun.
By October's end we began to see some variety of color.
More variety.
This leaf was good enough to "pose" on the ground.
At the beginning of November, more color but still lots of green.

And here are a couple of digital graphic pieces that I have teased out of what the season has had to offer:

Farms and rolling hills at sunset.
November "Hunter's Moon" rising at days end.