Friday, November 10, 2017

"We Conquer as He Conquered"

"By the Lord's example 
the faithful were called upon to believe
that—although there ought not to be any doubt 
about the promises of happiness
yet we should understand 
that amidst the trials of this life 
we must ask for the power of endurance...
because the joyousness of reigning 
cannot precede the times of suffering....

"Let all people's faith then be established, 
according to the preaching of the most holy gospel, 
and let no one be ashamed of Christ's cross, 
through which the world was redeemed. 
And let not any one fear to suffer for righteousness' sake, 
or doubt of the fulfillment of the promises, 
for this reason: that through toil we pass to rest 
and through death to life; 
since all the weakness of our humility was assumed 
by Him, in whom, if we abide 
in the acknowledgment and love of Him, 
we conquer as He conquered, 
and receive what He promised."

~ Saint Leo the Great, Sermon 51