Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

We had our Thanksgiving with "everybody," with all the kids home (there won't be too many more holidays like this--life is changing in many ways).

Indeed, we had a nice celebration together with some very good friends, another local family with a similar situation regarding the in-college-and-growing-up status of their kids. They've all been growing up together, friends since they were all little (which was not that long ago, really).

It was a lovely day.

I was tired, as usual for no "normal" reason. Writing keeps getting more difficult and more exhausting. I keep up the blog by revising old posts, finishing drafts (there's still a lot in the draft bin), and doing more with pictures.

Sometimes I'll just let the musings roll out and see what happens (like I'm doing tonight).

Yesterday was the famous Black Friday, which seems a bit more tame than it used to be. For one thing, the stores tend to stretch it all through the month (it's been Black "Friday" since Halloween in the retail business).

Also, internet shopping has changed the whole game. Bargain hunting is always in season. The global village has an ongoing global flea-market all day, all night, all year.

In any case, I'm too tired to shop.

Music and art (with my photography and digital graphics) and reading are still accessible. The energy to write comes and goes, so I'm not giving up.

And I'm truly full of gratitude. But it's not like some great emotional surge of good-feelings about life. Life is perplexing these days, and I am not very patient. But I have the desire to embrace it all, or at least to bear whatever comes with perseverance. I know I cannot do this without Christ's love, the Holy Spirit, the life of the Church.

I have much to be glad about in the here-and-now, too. My heart goes out to everyone suffering this Thanksgiving, especially those who are in pain and distress, and those who find grief reawakened or stirred up by the absence of loved ones who have died. May the Lord draw us all into the embrace of His steadfast love that endures forever.