Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Letting Ourselves Be Loved By God

Pope Francis has preached very powerfully in this Christmas time on God's coming to dwell with us and what His presence means for our lives.

The astonishing revelation that we are loved awakens an unexpected joy in us, and a new sense of responsibility to say "yes" to Love, and to share the joy of love with the whole world.

"True nourishment in life comes from letting ourselves be loved by God and loving others in turn... God always loves us with a greater love than we have for ourselves... Only the love of Jesus can transform our lives, heal our deepest hurts and set us free from the vicious circles of disappointment, anger and constant complaint... Dear sister, dear brother, never be discouraged. Are you tempted to feel you were a mistake? God tells you, ‘No, you are my child.’ Do you have a feeling of failure or inadequacy, the fear that you will never emerge from the dark tunnel of trial? God says to you, ‘Have courage, I am with you' " (Pope Francis).

And today the Pope posted this picture and these words on Instagram (English and Spanish are provided here).