Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Joy of Our Redemption


“Christmas Day” is a great festival that lasts for a whole week, and the season continues into January. The liturgy continues in these days to mark the glorious event of God’s coming to dwell with us. 

Keep celebrating the joy of His birth in your hearts and homes. This is the joy mysteriously at work deep within us, the joy of the redemption of our humanity that is stronger than all our sorrows and frustrations, all our disappointments and regrets, all our sins

Let us make room for Him, for His joy, for His inexhaustible love that draws near to each of us with tenderness and “longs for us” to welcome Him into our lives. His presence changes us, saves us, fulfills us and gives meaning to everything. 

We may feel like strangers in a strange world, far from home, perplexed by the brokenness of our lives, estranged from ourselves. But He has come to be with us, and He is our HOPE!

⭐️Merry Christmas.⭐️