Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Last Leaves Of November (Photos and Art)

Here is a good way to begin December: by saying "goodbye" to November!

Some of these photos and/or digital artworks have been posted to Instagram but others are appearing here for the first time. But in any case this is a good sample of the scenery of this very pleasant November (at least in terms of the weather).

Most of the leaves have... well... "left" by now. (Ha, you see what I did there?😉) With December's bare trees opening new vistas and the low arc of the sun bringing a distinct "style" to the skies, we will begin to have a new kind of beauty in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

And, as I say again and again, it never gets boring to me. (I hope you feel the same way!😊)

Note that leaves were not the only colors of this warm month. The multiple blooming rose bushes were in flower quite a bit:

But it was mostly leafy colors, with lots of yellow late in the season.

Beautiful scenes. December already bears great promise, nevertheless, offering us vistas like this: