Monday, November 21, 2011

At The Heart of Everything

Most loving Heart of Jesus,
Yours is the Heart that draws all other hearts,
the Heart that emptied itself so as to become poor,
that we might find fullness
in this love lavished so abundantly.

You are the Creator of all things,
the Source of the existing of every thing
and every person.
You are God.
You are One with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
and You became one with us,
a man,
so small,
and You took on all our pain and shame
and misery and sorrow
and death.
All of it, everything,
for Love.

At the heart of the universe
is the revelation of the mystery
of who God really is.

God is Infinite Love.

Is this possible?
That what we truly desire,
truly hope for,
even beyond anything we can imagine,
that something beyond all of our longings,
beyond even the greatest and most wonderful
truth that we could conceive:
is it possible that this could be true?
is it possible that, at the heart of all reality,
beyond and yet within all that we seek,
there is the fulfillment of this tremendous,
inconceivable hope?

That the heart of reality
is Love?
It really is true?
Love really wins in the end?
Lord what a marvel,
You Yourself are Love,
You are self-giving,
You are communion,
You are beyond and yet totally fulfilling
everything we ever hoped for.

What our hearts hope for,
what they long for more deeply than any dream,
what our hearts are made for...
a reality that seems impossible,
that seems too much to hope for
in a world
and in lives
that fall short every day,
in all this incoherence,
in all this confusion,
where dissolution seems to be an iron law...

At the heart of everything
is a Love that gives itself completely,
a God who is great enough
and "small" enough
to enter into the smallest openings of our hearts
and begin to change us.

Dear Jesus, come into our hearts
and begin to change us,
give us trust in You,
enable us to believe that You are really here
with us
in every little piece of our lives.
Help us to remember
that the wonder that You have awakened in us
is the beginning of a great adventure,
and the promise of a fulfillment
that truly corresponds to the deep places of our heart’s longing.
No cheap satisfaction
but a glory and a love
that hears and heals and answers and fills
the most hidden groanings of our hearts:
these hearts that You have made
in the image of Eternal Love.