Friday, November 25, 2011

Start To Ask

I want to reflect further on a maxim of sorts that I proposed in a previous blog: Back up your prayer to where you are. I'm not sure how much value this point has, but I have found it useful and perhaps others will too.

So I can pray from where I am, with what I have. Ask with trust. Someone might say, "I have NOTHING, no trust, no desire to pray--I don't want to ask for anything."

"Nothing"? God has no problem with "nothing"--He created from nothing. Give Him your "nothing". Say, "Jesus I don't want to pray, give me the grace to pray...." That's a prayer. A great prayer.

Ask Him to change your life. And keep asking. He will change your life. He will. He will empower you to change by His grace, and to live according to His will. "But I don't want to change," some will say. Do you wish, somewhere, that you did have the desire to change? Start there. "Jesus, give me the desire and the will to change, and to allow my life to be changed by you." Or even, "give me the desire of the desire...etc." Every person who is alive has a "place" from which they can start to ask. Remember Jesus is God. Give Him a crumb and He will feed you with bread, and feed the multitudes besides. You have nothing? Then just stretch out your hand.

Can't even do that? Then cry out, "Lord, I'm sinking!" and let Him reach out and grab you. I must remember that God is looking at me always with infinitely greater tenderness and attention than I have for my own children. If one of them cries out, "help!" I will go and I will do everything I can to help. What can God do? God can do anything. If I ask for help, He will help. If I keep asking for help, He will keep helping. Where will it all end? Glory.

"Help!" What a beautiful prayer.

And we must never forget the incredible fact: God has entered history. He has a face. He has a name--Jesus. Before I even realized I needed "help," He has already come. He came into history so that He could come into my life with a special presence, so that He could amaze me by His Love....

Jesus. This is how much God the Almighty, the Lord of all Creation, wants to win my heart