Monday, November 14, 2011

He Never Fails

When I hear about some of the things that people suffer, I think to myself, "I could never handle that."

But I am given what God enables me to bear. I offer Him my best, today, in the circumstances right now. I ask Him to give me the grace to trust in Him. I ask Him to change me in whatever way I need to change. I ask Him to forgive me each day, because I know that every day I will fall short. So I ask for the grace to get up and keep going. "Lord, I desire to love You the way You want me to love you. Have mercy on me."

And then I trust in God to bring forth the good, and even though I often fail in trust, still He never fails: He brings forth the good, in His time and in His way, which always turns out to be better than what we thought we wanted.