Monday, February 13, 2012

The Desire To Give Myself

Dear friends and readers, what is it that motivates me to write? It is not all vanity and grandstanding, or hunger for admiration and sympathy. It is also love. By the grace of God, there is–as the controlling motivation–the desire to give myself.

Perhaps I overanalyze things. What is important is to take up the right action and let the right intention shape my will, and then just do it, entrusting all the messiness of my imperfections to the mercy of God, with confidence that His grace is at work, healing my soul in deep and mysterious ways.

And so I give to you, for whatever it is worth, this poor mixed up self of mine, in the hope that in all the mess that is me you will find some evidence of His love for you. I pray that I can serve you as I pray that I might serve all those whom God has entrusted to me: by helping you to become the persons God created you to be. I know my role in your life is a very small one, of course. But for you to be, truly, "you" - that is my hope, and it brings me joy to know that God wills to use me in this way.

May He have mercy on us all, and teach us to love one another and bear with one another.