Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day: God is Present

Here we have had that odd phenomenon, the "extra day" in Leap Year. It was a particularly slow day, perhaps because I am anxious for March and the hope of Spring to begin, or perhaps because I've caught Josefina's cold, and I had to drag and cough and snuffle my way through the afternoon. Or perhaps it was because the (very) small sacrifices of Lent are making me grouchy, or perhaps because nations keep hurling threats and people are afflicted by wars that go on an on, or perhaps because it rained all day. Or perhaps I'm bothered by the idea that the new Google privacy policy is going to allow them to upload on GoogleEarth pictures of the missing tiles in my bathroom. Or maybe I'm just tired.

In the mid-afternoon, for the Hour of Mercy, I paused for a moment to meditate on the Cross, and why it matters. I posted some of the thoughts that came to me, in those moments, and decided they were worth repeating here. I found them very sustaining, and I expect that I will need to remember them. Others may find them useful too:
In the difficulty and awkwardness and apparent impossibility of mundane life, there God is present. And this is not some abstract mysticism. This is something that is really true, in every moment, because God became a Crucified Man and penetrated the depths of every sin, every moment of misery, and even the dull tedium of every day. Everything belongs to His merciful heart, everything is changed, and filled with the hidden possibilities of love, because everything can be offered.