Monday, February 6, 2012

Frost On The Windows

Thoughts on marriage.

It was a bit of a cold morning, and Eileen and I were both going out. The car had a thin layer of frost on windows.

We each grabbed a window scraper and worked different sides of the car. We arrived together at the back window, and began to scrape together, her on one half and me on the other.

She began in the corner and vigorous scraped little bits of frost in a straight line. I scraped a wide circle on my half and then began to rapidly crisscross inside it, opening random chunks of window to the light. Then I went back and started scraping through the frost in between. As I watched Eileen plowing away methodically on her corner, I began to reflect aloud.

Me: "The way we scrape the window reveals our different personalities, don't you think?"

Her: "Yeah, I'm patient and you're impatient!"

Me: "No! I was thinking more of the fact that you tend to go carefully from the details to build up the whole, while I tend to try to grasp the whole first and then work out all of the details."

I am also the type of person who turns window-scraping into a personality test, while my wife sees window scraping as...well...window scraping.

As we were both finishing up (she a little faster than me), she said: "Actually, it shows that my arms are short and yours are long!"

Me: "Oh yeah, that's true too!"

We got in the car and went on our way.