Thursday, February 23, 2012

Real Humility

I don't want people to know. I want to hide from it myself. I don't want to look at those places in me where sin really troubles me. I would rather accuse my self of imaginary (or at least, "respectable") sins so that people will say "look how humble he is" and I can secretly feel good about myself. And I can hide from the real stuff, and tell myself, "I've got a handle on the 'sin' problem. I'm on top of it. I'm doing alright."

But I really am a sinner, in so many petty, narrow, creepy ways that I don’t want to admit. I'll never get "a handle" on sin. I have to let Jesus take it. I have to let this "Other Person" into my life and let Him love me. That's real humility.

There is a temptation to be afraid of this Other Person. But He is God. He is the one who makes me; He is the Source of me. He does not "invade me from the outside." He changes me from within.

At the same time, He is the "Other"...but the Other who makes me for Himself, the Other whom I truly seek.