Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jesus, Win My Heart

Why is love hard? I talk about it all the time and I make it sound easy because I wish it were easy.

And, really, it is easy. But it's hard. That makes sense, huh?

Inside of the growth of love, it feels hard. But after we have grown, we look back and say, "that was not hard. That was easy. That was beautiful." Often in our relationship with God, it’s a real struggle, a real suffering, because He is healing us and transforming us, breaking us open and emptying the spaces that only His love can fill. It seems like we are utterly beyond ourselves, and barely hanging on to God. Still, our hold on Him is secure: this is what faith and hope enable us to do. Faith and hope (and charity) are "theological" virtues, which means that they empower us to be in a relationship with the Infinite God who loves us. He has a firm hold on us; He puts His life in us, and enables us to adhere to Him.

And it is not "so hard" to be loved by Him, because He knows our weakness, and He is so patient and so merciful and so tender, and He is so delicate with us.

That is why we must listen for His whisper.

He wants to draw our hearts with His love, and He does. He draws us and He wins our hearts, if we let Him. Let us pray, "Jesus, win my heart!"