Monday, February 20, 2012

There's Fire in These Pages

I have been very open on this blog about the fact that I spent several years living more or less as an invalid after my retirement from teaching. During that time, I achieved two things: (1) The "great leap" from my bed to the living room, from the prison of my solitude and pain to the daily life of my family--which of course took me beyond the living room and out again into the great wide world--and (2) The writing and publishing of a book about the whole experience, a book that people tell me is beautiful, deeply moving, and encouraging.

ADVERTISEMENT TIME: Looking for some Lenten reading? Here's an acclaimed book:

Yes, that's a lousy photograph of an actual copy of the book. That tells you what a sad sack I am at promoting my own stuff. If you read the reviews on the amazon link, you will see that they are quite enthusiastic (you can buy it here too: 

My publisher, Servant Books and Franciscan Media, has done its part in promoting my book, getting it into bookstores and media outlets, and creating opportunities for radio interviews (there is another one coming up during Holy Week; stay “tuned”). They tell me that sales are “good.” It's been out for more than a year now, and it's still a steady seller. That’s all fine.

But really, I want people to read it. And I want lots of people to read it. Not for the satisfaction of my ego. Really, that’s not what it’s about at all. Rather, the reason is that I have seen how this book has affected people. I see a grace working through this book, a healing grace, a grace that is not just for sick and specially afflicted people, but for everyone.

Is there anybody out there who has read this book and who knows how to do the marketing, promotional, “get-it-in-the-hands-of-people-and-get-them-to-read-it” kind of thing? I am still doing what I can, but I’m maxed out, with life in general. Perhaps, as my health continues to improve, I can do more. But not yet.

That means I’m not looking for ideas for what I should do to promote the book. I am looking (and praying) that someone might be around who could take the ball and run with it a bit. If you are out there, and you feel that God might be calling you to help with this, please contact me (

There’s fire in these pages. It's a fire that didn't come from me. I'm as surprised by it as anyone. Okay, I'll grant that I'm a pretty good writer, when I work at it and allow my stuff to be pounded by a ruthless editor. But here, writing is at the service of something else. I don't think I'll ever write a book like this again. There's something remarkable here. Fire.

May God grant that the fire spread, and bring its light to many places.