Thursday, February 2, 2012

Presentation of the Lord

Adorn your bridal chamber, O Zion,
and welcome Christ the King.
Salute Mary, the heavenly gate.
For she, the mother who has never known wedlock,
has brought into the temple
Him who shone forth before the ages from the Father,
and who in latter times was born from a virgin womb.
He who gave the law upon Mount Sinai,
makes Himself obedient to the ordinance of the law.
His mother has brought Him
to the priest and righteous elder,
whose appointed lot it was to see Christ, the Lord.
Simeon, receiving Him in his arms,
greatly rejoiced, crying aloud:
"Now, O Lord, let your servant depart in peace,
for mine eyes have seen your salvation.
The Lord of life and death,
and the Savior of our soul."

From Vespers for the Presentation, Byzantine Liturgy